Physical Education Unit - 使命及展望

Vision of Physical Education Unit

To be recognized for excellence in teaching and learning, coaching, promoting active participation in physical activities and sports, and leading to develop a very strong sports participation culture in Hong Kong.


Mission of Physical Education Unit

To promote enthusiasm for and active participation in physical activities and sports by offering a variety of high quality courses, to provide a broad spectrum of opportunities for sports participation, to encourage a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the holistic health, fitness, and well-being of members of CUHK as well as those in the wider Hong Kong community.


Objectives of Physical Education Unit

  • To develop students’ knowledge of and interest in sports by providing extensive courses and activities with the concept of life-long sports participation.
  • To encourage university members to participate in the broad range of sports activities provided.
  • To develop an elite university sports team that holds a leading position locally.
  • To collaborate effectively with universities and other organizations locally and internationally.
  • To provide and make good use of international standard sports facilities.
  • To develop an effective management system for sports facilities.