Physical Education Unit - Facilities Booking Rule and Application for Organisation
    1. Gymnasium
      1. All sports facilities are open to staff and students during free play hours with students have the priority in using the facilities.
      2. For fair allocation of use of facilities, the gymnasium would be divided into two parts during free play hours: Court One (for basketball) and Court Two (for badminton).
        1. Basketball court: for basketball and/or volleyball.
        2. Badminton court: 2 badminton courts would be set up.
      3. Regulations for the use of badminton court:
        1. For even distribution, every court could be used by a group of four people
        2. Each group could play for a maximum of half an hour with reference to the time shown on the clock inside the gymnasium.
        3. Users could also use a 21-point scoring system for competition within the 30 minutes time slot.
        4. The 30 minutes time limit will start to count once there are users showing that they are waiting.

    2. Sports Field
      1. Sports field is mainly used for the practice of track and field events.
      2. Except university team training, formal competitions and examination, spikes shoes are not allowed.
      3. Shoes of spikes longer than 6mm in length are not allowed.
      4. To avoid accident, wetted track would be closed after rainfall.

    3. Soccer Pitch
      1. The soccer pitch could be divided into 7-a-side soccer pitch number one and two.
      2. Only soccer boots with non-metallic studs less than 7 mm are allowed on the soccer pitch. For any violation, Physical Education Unit reserves the right to suspend the rights of individual users or organizations for further 3-month bookings.
      3. To avoid accident, wetted field would be closed after rainfall.

    4. University Fitness Room
      1. Users should place their university weight training room user card inside the card holder before using the facility.
      2. After using the apparatus, users should place the adjustable key on the top of the weight stack and put all free weights back into their original place.
      3. For courtesy, users should wipe away the sweat left on the apparatus.
      4. Safety precautions:
        1. Users who have any of the following disease should consult their doctor before exercise:
          1. Heart disease
          2. Hypertension
          3. Diabetes
          4. Liver disease
        2. All beginners should work with a partner.
        3. Make sure that the selector key is fully inserted and locked before lifting the weight.
        4. Keep back straight, exhale while lifting the weight and inhale while lowering the weight.
        5. Keep clear of moving parts at all times.
        6. If weights are jammed, users should inform attendants and do not attempt to free the weight by themselves.
        7. No running inside the weight training room.
        8. Stop immediately if any of the following symptoms appear:
            1. Dizziness
            2. Chest pain
            3. Nausea
            4. Abnormal breathing
            5. Continuous soreness of certain muscle / joint


    5. Tennis Courts
      1. Footwear must be non-marking rubber-soled sports shoes.
      2. Valid I.D. card must be produced for inspection upon request prior to use of courts.
      3. Smoking is not allowed.
      4. No food or drink is allowed.
      5. Users should be dressed in appropriate sports wear. Bare foot is not allowed.


    6. Squash Courts
      1. Footwear must be non-marking rubber-soled sports shoes.
      2. Racket head must be covered with white tape.
      3. No more than 2 users are allowed in one court.
      4. Smoking is not allowed.
      5. No food or drink is allowed.
      6. Users should be dressed in appropriate sports wear. Bare foot is not allowed.

    7. Revision of Regulations
      1. All users should follow the regulations governing the use of sports facilities.
      2. The Physical Education Unit reserve the right to alter or amend any of these regulations as and when necessary, without prior notice.
      3. The university also provides Sports Facilities on Sunday and Public Holiday on trial.