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PE Unit is encouraging students to actively participate in brisk walking, jogging and hiking. An app was devised for this purpose and students will be awarded of participation marks in required and/or elective PE course upon completion of the following items:

1) Students should run the app and participate in physical activity(including brisk walking, jogging and hiking) at least 20 minutes each time and 3 times per week, and

2) Complete an online questionnaire*before starting and at the 10th week of the exercise programme;

3) The total number of participation weeks should not be less than 10 weeks;

4) Participation marks will be awarded upon completion of ALL items.

Valid period: 9/9/2019 - 22/11/2019

>> Instructional Guide for CU Trails App Instructional Guide for CU Trails App



  1. 各書院院隊成員可得 4分
  2. 上學期項目包括: 田徑, 游泳, 足球, 排球及籃球
  3. 下學期項目包括: 羽毛球, 乒乓球, 網球, 划艇
  4. 各書院院隊選拔及練習時間詳情 (請按這裡)



  1. 凡參與公開賽者可得 4分
  2. 上學期項目包括: 壁球公開賽, 羽毛球公開賽, 網球公開賽及乒乓球公開賽
  3. 下學期項目包括: 五人手球公開賽, 七人足球公開賽, 三人籃球公開賽
  4. 各中大公開賽詳情 (請按這裡)



  1. 凡中大運動代表隊成員可得 8分
  2. 各校隊選拔及練習時間表詳情 (請按這裡)