Physical Education Unit - Gym (Regulations & Application Forms)

Regarding the attendance certificate of fitness room user workshop:

CUHK full-time undergraduate students will be issued an attendance certificate of the fitness room user workshop after completing the fitness room user workshop. The students are eligible to access the University Fitness Room to do exercises by using the CU Link Cards. Students also can make use of this certificate to apply for registration as users of the colleges and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) fitness room.

Below is the Equivalent Qualifications on LCSD webpage:


Gym (Regulations & Application Forms):

Please click here to download the regulations and application forms.


Lost university fitness card or fitness certificate:

CUHK student or alumni who has lost the University Fitness Card or Certificate but would like to apply for the university fitness letter so as to be recognized by the relevant authorized organizations (such as the Leisure and Cultural Services Department or other fitness centers) that he or she has received equivalent training, he or she could approach the PE Unit to submit the application.

Applicant should e-mail the proof (transcript with the grade of semester 1 PE required course) to Mr Cheung Tsz Fai, the lecturer of the PE Unit( Applicant will receive an e-mail notification after the approval of the application and he or she should visit the University Sports Centre to pay a handling fee of HK$100 and collect the university fitness letter. (Payment can be made by cash or Octopus card)

Should you have further queries, please feel free to contact Mr Cheung Tsz Fai at 3943 0394 or